FAQ NVivo for Mac No 10

Your Question: What’s new in version 11.3.1 regarding visualizations?

Our Answer: As addition to Mind Maps, Hierarchy Charts and Explore Diagrams, the latests NVivo for Mac update allows you to work with Comparison Diagrams.

To create a Comparison Diagram, use the Ribbon menu and select Explore | Visualizations | Compare Diagram  <select>

The <select> options are: Compare Sources…, Compare Nodes…, Compare Cases… or Compare Selected Items.

Whichever option you would like to visualize, Comparison Diagrams must be two items of same type.

In this example, we compare the two case nodes that represent research participants, Anna and Ken. First we navigate to Compare Nodes and select the case nodes for Anna and Ken. The resulting Comparison Diagram looks like this:

In the Comparison Diagram’s right-side control panel, you can select or deselect diagram features.

When you want to explore an item from the diagram in more detail, right-click any item and select one of the following options: Open Item…, Get Info, Copy, and Export Diagram…

NVivo for Mac also allows you to visually modify a diagram’s layout by simply dragging items with the mouse. Item connectors behave like they are elastically glued to diagram items—we love this feature and encourage you to try it out for yourself!

Importantly, the diagram is a preview and cannot be stored as a project item. However, using the Export option you can choose among the following file formats: .PDF, .PNG, .JPG, .BMP, .GIF, or TIFF.

As with other NVivo diagrams, the copy command ([cmd] +[C])  can be used to paste Diagram into many third party applications, such as Keynote or PowerPoint.