FAQ NVivo for Mac No 11

My Question: What’s new in version 11.3.1 regarding the Coding Panel?

Our Answer: Finally, NVivo for Mac includes a powerful tool that has been one of our favorites from past versions of NVivo for PC. The Coding Panel is here for Mac users, and it makes coding faster and easier than ever before.

To use the Coding Panel, open a source (or a node) and select a text segment that you want to code:

Next, click the Coding Panel lightbulb icon or use [Shift] + [cmd] + [7]:

As you can see in the above diagram, the Coding Panel is split into two columns. Under the heading “Existing”, the left-side column offers quick access to all existing nodes and cases in the project. A search bar allows you to simply type the code’s name, or type out the first few letters and have suggestions appear.

Under the heading “Code at New…”, the right-side column can be used to easily create new nodes or new cases. Simply, select [Node] or [Case] and a dialog box Node Properties or Case Properties will appear where you decide a name and location and possibly a description of the new item. Finish with [Done].

When you are in the midst of coding, the lower part of the right-side column “Recent” contains the most recent nodes or cases you have used. This allows you to quickly choose a code you are working with.

For now, the Code panel cannot be used for In Vivo Coding or Uncoding. We are hoping to see these features added to the NVivo for Mac Coding Panel soon.