Workshops & Seminars

We frequently arrange open courses in Stockholm and Gorhenburg in Sweden and in Toronto and Ottawa in Ontario, Canada. We hire nice and practical localities with refreshments and catering. Open courses means that particitpants from different universities and with different background meet in the same class leading to exciting discussions and a creative process. We follow a given curriculum which is normally for two days. Day one is a basic course and day 2 is an Advanced course. We arrange different courses for PC users and Macintosh-users.

If you want to have a course of your own at you campus we will be happy to meet yuor request. We love to teach and travel to your site in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark or within Ontario, Canada. Such customized courses will be easier to adopt to your requirements and needs. We speak English or Swedish and all our documentation is available in those languages. We also offer consultations when Bengt can give you advices and suggestions on how to organize and prepare your data for a successful analysis.

Feedback from customers

Thank you for providing a very informative workshop at Public Health Ontario (in Toronto) yesterday. You covered so many useful tips and techniques for using Endnote when importing references, organizing articles and drafting manuscripts. The 2 books will be useful reference for when I try to recall the steps you demonstrated.   Thank you.

Minakshi (Mina), Toronto

Future Workshops & Seminars (open or customized)

  • Ancient Egypt, February 1st - February 16th, 2018
  • NVivo 11 Basic, Högskolan i Halmstad, March 20th, 2018 (customized)
  • NVivo 11 Advanced, Högskolan i Halmstad, March 21st, 2018 (customized))
  • NVivo 11, Long Term Mission, April 2018

More on our Workshops & Seminars

Form & Kunskap trains researchers and other academics in using NVivo and EndNote. We are primarily a training company and we apply the following training philosophy:

  1. Teacher supported training in classrooms designed for computer intensive workshops. High performance computers with newly installed softwares at each class. The courses are software oriented which means that we focus on problem solving in relation to the chosen research approach.
  2. Small groups of 6 - 8 participants. Exercises that emulates a real project. Discussions and optional solutions. Time for questions and reflexions.
  3. We teach in Swedish for courses in Sweden and Norway or on request in English. In Canada we teach in English.
  4. We produce in house all our training literature and exercise material. So far we have published 22 books and always in Swedish and English.
  5. We always include 1 year free support in our courses and workshops. This is a much appreciated additional program to what the licensers offer since we communicate in Swedish in Sweden and Norwy and we belong to same time zone. This local support deepens our knowledge of customer problems and thus increases the grade of service.
  6. Consultations are on demand. Often this is the case in the initial stage of a project so that organizing prime data and the creating of a new project will be optimal. Consultations take place at the customer's sites and we charge a price per hour and possible travel expenses..