FAQ NVivo for Mac No 1

Your Question: I have been using NVivo for PC since the release of NVivo 7 in 2006. I am very pleased with this wonderful software and I have been growing with its new releases through the years. Now I have turned to become a Mac user and I have tried to get familiar with NVivo for Mac. It seems to me that we are taking many steps back reaching about the rudimentary facility level as NVivo 7 had already 2006. What is QSR’s comment on this?

Our Answer: This is the response from QSR on February 2016:NVivo for Mac, released commercially in June 2014, is a relatively new product and hasn’t had the same development time as NVivo for Windows, which has seen substantial development over several years.

Our aim is to support your work by continually adding new functionality and features in future releases of NVivo for Mac and your feedback helps us to shape the future of the software be determining the priority for adding these features.

Please excuse me if you are already aware of the link below which lists current features available in NVivo for Mac. This list is continually updated when features become available:


I hope this helps. Please let me know if I can assist you further.”