NVivo 12 for Mac Essentials

The second book on NVivo for Mac! Learn how to organize, structure and analyze all kinds of data: text, audio, video, questionnaires and data from social media.

By Bengt Edhlund and Allan McDougall

Bengt and Allan have worked with researchers who have analysed hundreds of interviews and focusgroup discussions and questionnaires. This book is a sensible and neutral description of  NVivo for Mac and what you can do or what you cannot do with NVivo. You will also find several tips and tricks that will make NVivo work in the best possible way and interwork with other software applications. Researchers, new and experienced NVivo-users, will appreciate his guide book and better understand and work with:

  •  Importing text, audio-, video, digital images and quetionnaires

  • capture and analyse data from internet and social media

  • Structure data in  codeable and searchable segments

  • New tools to visualise your project: Mind Maps, Concept Maps, Charts, Hierarchy   Charts, Explore Diagrams, and Comparison Diagrams

  • Importing and analysing scientific articles when working with literature surveys

US$ 2 from the income of each book supports Doctors Without Borders for their humanitarian assistance to people suffering from war, conflicts, epidemics and natural disasters.

  • Language: English (available in Swedish)

  • ISBN 978-0-359-56175-9(English)

  • ISBN 978-0-359-56171-1 (Swedish)

  • Copyright: Form & Kunskap AB (Standard Copyright License) 

  • Edition: First Edition

  • Valid for version 12.4.0

  • Published: June 3, 2019

  • No of pages: 232

  • Perfect-bound Paperback

  • Black & white

  • Dimensions (inches) 7.44 wide x 9.68 tall

Price: US$47,49 excl. sales tax and freight charges

NVivo 12 for Mac Essentials

NVivo 12 for Mac Essentials